Reading Key:

  • DI = Design for Information, Isabel Meirelles
  • IDVW = Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, Scott Murray
  • NUSIt = Now You See It, Stephen Few
  • SUI = Search User Interfaces, Marti Hearst

InfoViz Overview – Types of InfoVises and Interactions

Class # Date Day


(Before class)


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Assignment Due

(By start of class unless otherwise noted)

1 23-Aug Tu NUSIt 1, 2; DI Introduction Introduction
2 25-Aug Th Paper: J. Heer, M. Bostock, and V. Ogievetsky, “A Tour through the Visualization Zoo”, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53, No. 6, June 2010, pp. 59-67.
IDVW 1, 2, 3
InfoViz Overview – Types of InfoVises and Interactions HW1 Complete background survey
HW2 Find two InfoVizes in domains of interest to you
3 30-Aug Tu IDVW chapters 3, 4

(1) Explore
(2) Setup D3 on your personal computer.
(3) Watch at least one youtube video about d3.js.
D3 Lecture / practicum 1. Bring laptop! Getting started with D3 (simple data, details on demand, filtering), GitHub HW3 Create an InfoViz using GapMinder.
PHW1 – Set up your GitHub account.
4 1-Sept Th NUSIt 7,12 Multivariate OverviewTime overview; discuss selected HW’s with class HW4 Find a data source for a domain of interest to you; sketch an InfoVis related to the data source.
5 6-Sep Tu IDVW Chapters 8, 9  D3 lecture / practicum 2. Bring laptop! More on D3 (Barchart, axes, labels, JSON) HW5 – Sketch a time-oriented visualization of your life.
6 8-Sep Th DI Chapter 1 – read pp 16-20, 24-33, 38-45; skim pp 21-23, 33-37 (we’ll cover this material later) Trees PHW2 – Very simple D3 Vis.
7 13-Sep Tu IDVW Chapter 10 D3 Lecture / practicum 3. Bring laptop. More on D3 (static and dynamic filtering, simple animation) Be thinking about your elevator pitch for next Thursday.
8 15-Sep Th Project ideas from everyone. 30-second “elevator pitch” for project presented in class. Post project idea on Piazza in “project” category. Indicate data source.  Give TA, as you come up to ‘pitch’, your project title and name.
9 20-Sep Tu NUSIt Chapter 4; NUSIt Chapter 5 sections on Concurrent Views & Brushing, Focus & Context D3 Lecture / practicum 4. Bring laptop. More on D3 (multiple views, brushing/linking) Project Milestone 1: Team member names, emails and paragraph description on Wiki my midnight.

PHW3 – Filtering and Animations.

10 22-Sep Th DI Chapter 2 Brief guest presentation on InfoVis at Applied Predictive Technologies


11 27-Sep Tu Review DI Chapters 1 (trees) & 2 (networks) More on networks and trees Project Milestone 2: Initial project description due by midnight. Prior to turn-in, meet with your GTA to discuss scope and data. Meeting schedule will be posted on T-Square Wiki.


12 29-Sep Th (2-minute video). Introduction to Tableau Download Tableau before coming to class, play with it for half an hour:
13 4-Oct Tu Re-read all material from NUSIt & DI; review your notes and PPTs. Review for test 1
Discuss  HW6 questionsSuggestions for group study
HW6 Write a test question & answer; post on Wiki by 8pm Monday.
14 6-Oct Th Re-read all material from NUSIt & DI; review your notes and PPTs. Test 1
15 11-Oct Tu fall break Enjoy!
16 13-Oct Th  Online book by Marti Hearst: Search User Interfaces, chapters 10 and 11 Text and Document Visualization Project Milestone 3: Elaboration
18-Oct Tu More on text and documents  HW7 Use & Critique Tableau
17 20-Oct Th Paper by S. Few: Communicating Numbers, skip appendix. More on Multivariate, parallel coordinates
18 25-Oct Tu Peer project milestone 4 review Bring your project milestone 4 draft to class; your team will share with four other teams during class for feedback to incorporate into final submission.
19 27-Oct Th DI Chapter 3, NUSIt Chapter 7 Time  Project milestone 4: No meeting with TAs for this one.
20 1–Nov Tu More on Time
21 3-Nov Th Donna Wong, Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics (on T-Square in ‘Resources’) Design Principles from Tufte, Few, Wong, Foley
22 8-Nov Tu Finish Time

Finish Multivariate

Structured Text

Project Milestone 5: Meet with a GTA to discuss your project status. Meeting schedule posted on T-Square Wiki.
23 10-Nov Th  NUSIt 3; DI Chapter 1 pp 21-23, 33-37, DI Chapter 2 sidebars on pp 51, 57, 58, 73 Gestalt Principles for InfoVis
Visual Structure for UIs and InfoVis
Visual Perception in InfoVis
24 15-Nov Tu Software Visualization
25  17-Nov  Th Reread all material from NUSIt and DI since Test 1, review PPts and your class notes. Review for test 2; discuss HW8 questions

Download Test 2 Review Slides

HW8 Write a test question & answer; post on Piazza in HW8 folder by 8pm Wednesday.
26 22-Nov Tu Reread all material from NUSIt and DI since Test 1, review PPts and your class notes. Test 2
24-Nov Thanksgiving Enjoy!
27 29-Nov Tu Milestone 6 meetings with TAs Milestone 6 meetings with TAs
 28 1-Dec Th Milestone 6 meetings with TAs Milestone 6 meetings with TAs Project Milestone 6: Demo partially-working project to GTA this week. Meeting schedule posted on Wiki.
29 6-Dec Tu Last class day; no reading assignment Project presentations Project Milestone 7 Midnight –  executable software, project video and final report electronically. Peer eval. survey due.

Project Milestone 8: Final video presentations (Schedule via Wiki)

8-Dec Thursday 2:50 – 4:50 pm Project presentations Project Milestone 8: Final presentations (Schedule via Wiki)